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云南 迪庆 德钦 飞来寺
云南 迪庆 德钦 梅里雪山


          MeiLi 100        

Journey from a sacred mountain

Pathway to the depth of your soul

Get ready to discover the Lost Horizon


The MeiLi 100 Endurance Race is the premier adventure race, a bucket list race that must be experienced by running enthusiast. Featuring a challenging mountain trail running experience that takes place on some of the most berathtaking mountains in the world, the MeiLi Snow Mountains, or Kawagarbo Mountains as it is known by local residents and pilgrims, part of the grand Himalayan Mountain range bordering Tibet in China.
 Runners get ready for a journey that will challenge you physically and mentally as you run a spectacular mountail race, a journey that will change your life forever as you discover the Lost Horizon of  SHANGRI-LA !

RUN MeiLi100 Endurance Race on May 31,2019


 MeiLi 100 Endurance Race 


Welcome to MeiLi 100 Endurance Race The premier ultramarathon event that celebrates the fable lands of Shangri-La and the majestic Meili Snow Mountains, or Kawagarbo Mountains as it is known by local residents and pilgrims, part of the grand Himalayan Mountain range. Founded by UTRMA part of the same organizers from TERRACE Trail Race, North Latitude 21 Tropical Rainforest Running Fiesta, Conquer The Wall Marathon ,Yunnan Puzhehei International Marathon,and volunteers .

There is something truly magical about these mountains and lands. When in their presence you can’t help but be in awe of the pristine beauty and scale. This race is about creating a one of a kind experience for adventure runners that can only be witnessed by running the trails around the mountains.

We hope you appreciate and enjoy the beauty our planet has to offer, there is nothing quite like being in the moment as your running through natures incredible beauty. We want you to experience it first hand through the  MeiLi 100 Endurance Race.

Meili100 Endurance Race will be a rewarding journey that you will never forget !

Register now to secure your spot and get ready for an incredible journey. 

We look forward to seeing you at the race!



 MeiLi 100 Endurance Race 


RACE DAY - MAY 31 2019
The  MeiLi 100 Endurance Race race takes place on May 31, 2019.Runners will need to plan a 6-day travel itinerary to arrive into MeiLi Snow Mountains on May 29 and depart on June 3. 


The  MeiLi 100 Endurance Race features 101k,  Double 50k and 67.5k ultra distances and 27k and 49k travel on foot distances for runners to race.   





Runner check-in and course review meeting will be on may 29. At the race check-in runners will pickup their BIB, shirt, and bag.  On May 30 will be an event and course review meeting to prepare runners for the race.


MeiLi Snow Mountains is located in the Yunnan Province of China, which has been rated for having high-quality air conditions with some of the lowest rating of air pollutants in all of China. Remote locations such as MeiLi Snow Mountains have never suffered form air pollution.Kunming is often referred as "Spring City" because of its consistently moderate temperatures with plentiful vegetation growth and year-round flower blossoms. The pure air makes running in Yunnan even more refreshing and energizing.


 MeiLi 100 Endurance Race 



The MeiLi 100 Endurance Race is an ultraendurance race, with a challenging all trail course that can only be traversed on foot.A course that will have runners treading over a combination of dirt paths, rocks, boulders, tree roots, narrow bridges, and dangerous steep cliffs. Trails taking runners along rushing rivers, waterfalls, glaciers, through lush green rain forests that open up to small meadows surrounded with local wild flowers and peaks that provide breathtaking views of the snow capped mountains.

The real challenge runners will navigate multiple climbs and descents with elevations ranging up to 3,767m(12,395ft) on the lower mountain peaks to a low of 2,088m(6,853ft). All while breathing some of the cleanest air in the world. Literally a breathtaking race event that must be experienced by adventure runners and enthusiasts.


 MeiLi 100 Endurance Race 



Check out event photos to give you a taste of what to expect, however there is nothing else like it when you experience the location in person. It will take your breath away. Enjoy the photo galleries from the inaugural race, plus a preview of course and the location. Then register for the race to experience it in person ! 


 MeiLi 100 Endurance Race 



MeiLi Snow Mountains average elevation is 3,280(10,761ft) above sea level. The course starts at 2,700m(8,858ft) with the highest peak at 3,767(12,395ft) It is highly recommend to allow at least one or more full days prior to the race to acclimatize to the higher elevation before actually running the race. The following basics will help you adjust:
  Drink lots of water
  Eat healthy foods high in potassium
  Take vitamins
  Avoid alcohol
Once ready to race, we recommend starting off slow until you find a comfortable pace that you can maintain. Because of the higher elevation the air is thiner and your body will ger tired faster and you'll need to adjust. It is recommended to carry an oxygen can as you run incase you find yourself out of breath.


The top of the mountains is like cold winter, the middle is brisk fall weather, the lower mountains and foothills where runners will be running will offer spring like conditions with a cold early moring start with the weather warming up throughout the day. Local weather varies form mid with clear and sunny sky to cloudy and overcast. The average temperature in late April is 13°C / 55°F but has been know to go as high as 20°C / 68°F and as low as 1°C / 34°F. Low humidity with an average of only a few inches of rain.
Due to the high elevation the UV index is extremely high, using a running hat and sunscreen is highly recommended. It is important to reduce your dehydration risk and to have adequate sun protection. As runners are camping in the mountains it is best to prepare for cooler weather with cold nights and mild days. We recommend to check the weather forecast a week before the race so you can dress appropriately.


One of the greatest dangers for runners is completing the race in a dehydrated stats. Before, during and after the race ensure that you are staying hydrated by dringking water. Make sure that you have been to the toilet BEFORE going into the start line.  If you can go to the toiler it means that your kidneys are working and you are in good shape.


Be sure to pack the following mandatory and recommended running gear.
MEE  101k - MeiLi Extaordinary Elite
MSC  67.5k - MeiLi Superior Challenger
MSA  27k - MeiLi Senior Adventurist
MSP 49k - MeiLi Super Player


Runners should be physically fit and in shape to run a marathon event. We suggest using a training program to help condition your body to make your race experience unforgettable. Being prpared makes your experience much more memorable.

    RACE RULES     


 MeiLi 100 Endurance Race 


Race change requsets are available, the cut off for all changes is 4/25/2019. Submit your change request from the contact page. E-mail service@utrma.com


  Entry fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. No exceptions.
  Entry fees are NON-REFUNDABLE and entries are NON-TRANSFERABLE. Sorry, no exceptions. Once we receive and accept your entry, you will not receive a refund if you cannot participate. You may not give or sell your number to anyone else. If you attempt to sell your race number, you may be banned from future  MeiLi 100 Endurance Race events.You MAY transfer your application to the following year. 
  The organization reserves the right to modify at any moment the course route and the positioning of the rescue and Check Point and Supply Post, without warning.
  In the case of unfavorable weather conditions (such as extreme quantities of rain or snow altitude level, a strong risk of hazardous storms, etc.) the start may only be postponed by a maximum of several hours, after that time the race may be canceled.
  In the case of poor weather conditions, and for reasons of safety, the organization reserves the right to stop the event underway or to modify the time barriers.
  In case of cancellation of the race, for whatever the reason, no refund of the registration fee will be made.


Find answers to the questions most frequently asked regarding the MeiLi 100 Endurance Race 


  MeiLi 100 Endurance Race  


All runners must adhere to the race regulations and rules to ensure safety and fairness for all participants, volunteers, medical staff, and organizers.


 Respect wild animals, plants and leave no trace behind.
 Large-scale events will inevitably impact the environment, and runners must do their utmost to protect the environment.  Littering on the trail may result in disqualification. We ask all runners to help us monitor the situation and remind others who break the rules.
 Runners are not allowed to take away bottles, bowls or other disposable objects from a Check Point Station. Please bring your own portable cup, bottle, or hydration pack.
 Please use the rubbish bag provided in race pack for personal rubbish during the race. Littering is strictly prohibited.


 Runners must go along the marked race course independently and without any use of transportation.
 Runners must be familiar with the course map and understand how to navigate.
 Runners are advised to bring a GPS navigation device and consult their GPS devices when they're unsure of which way to go.
 Runners must present a valid proof (Original Passport) of identity to claim their race pack, bib and timing chip.

 There is a time limit at each Check Point, study the time cutoff requirements on the course page. Runners must reach and depart the Check Point before the time limit to proceed on the race. If exceed the time limit, runners must stop at the Check  Point and wait for repatriation buses back to the finish.

 The bib must be worn in the front and on the top layer so it is clearly visible at all times during the race. The race bib and timing chip must be kept on at all times, any loss will result in disqualification.
 Emergency contact number printed on the race bib. For safety consideration, we recommend you to write down your emergency information on the back of the bib before starting.



  MeiLi 100 Endurance Race  


 Medical emergency aid will be provided by the organization at the Start, Supply Posts, and the Finish. Please contact the emergency number printed on the race bib for help when needed.
 If a participant gets injured in a dangerous accident caused by unpredictable force, the race organizer will do our best to provide rescue and assistance after the race, but will not bear direct or indirect liability for compensation. This also applies to the volunteers.

 If a participant abandons the race on the course, please go to the nearest Check Point. An abandon statement is to be signed and your race bib will be marked. Repatriate service will be provided by the organizer to assist you to return to the Finish.
 If you abandon on the course without notifying the organization, the organization will not take any responsibility for all subsequences.

 Individual accident insurance for all runners and volunteers covering race days will be purchased by the organizer.
 Transfer of race entry is strictly forbidden. Insurance claims, such as medical assistance, will be borne by the people who try to transfer race entry. Both runners who transfer their race entry will be disqualified from running in future events.



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